• Assess existing landscaping - native, non-native, invasive, functional, aesthetic

  • Collaborate to understand your landscaping goals

  • Design native landscape to replace or augment existing plants

  • Provide direction and assistance for reducing &/or replacing turf lawn

  • Address erosion and soil deficits with appropriate native plants

  • Provide design, plant selection and pricing

  • Assist in (or order) native plant stock

  • Assist or direct planting and installation

  • Provide directions for ongoing maintenance and stewardship


A beautiful garden with increased soil health, the return of native birds, bees and pollinators to your property, and less maintenance in the years ahead. You can enjoy the life you return to your yard and participate in efforts to increase pollinator pathways, restore bird and insect populations and reduce the impact of climate change. Your native plant design will follow the principles of sustainable landscaping and enable you to participate in many national initiatives to "connect and conserve".