Michele Hensey

Native Plant Landscape Design

I am passionate about native plants and how they turn our gardens into a place for conservation and increased biodiversity.  
In our initial meeting (90 min), we'll capture photos, measurements and seek to understand what form, function and beauty you want to achieve in your yard or garden.    
You'll then be provided a design and detailed plant selection list. You may wish to continue to purchase and plant yourself, or I can assist with sourcing and installation.  
The average project takes a few weeks from initial consultation to design and approval. Once your native landscape design is accepted, plants can be purchased online, locally or through
Depending on the season, preparation and planting may begin as soon as stock arrives.
Once we've planted, sit back and enjoy the visiting birds and pollinators! Native plants require less fertilizer, watering, pruning and cleanup as they've evolved to thrive in our ecoregion. 
We'll work together to ensure your first native plant "lifescape" is a stepping stone for adding biodiversity and beauty to your garden for years to come. 
No matter how big or small, your yard can be beautiful AND make a difference.