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Why go native?

In a 2017 study of plants sold by the mid-Atlantic wholesale nursery industry over 70% were non-native, confirming that the plants made available to the average homeowner and landscaper do not sufficiently support our insects, moths, butterflies and birds.


Our bird and insect populations have rapidly declined in recent decades, but they can revive and thrive if we provide the native plants they rely on. Planting native trees, shrubs and flowers can transform your property into a beautiful, biodiverse and living "lifescape" to which nature quickly returns.

A beautiful outdoor space is a function of design, not the plants you choose - planting native doesn't need to appear messy or wild!


Together we'll create beautiful gardens which require less maintenance and support our birds and pollinators, 

Native plants and chemical-free choices are available, sustainable, and healthier for our family, our pets, our soil, birds and pollinating insects.


What is ecological landscaping?

We are merely stewards of the land we own and have a responsibility to ensure our earth continues to provide sustenance for all living beings.  Believing this, we recognize that there are sustainable ways to beautify our property that also add life and ecological value. By refraining from pesticides, unnecessary fertilizers and invasive plant species we create an environment where our native plants and their host pollinators and birds can thrive and revive.  With over 50 million acres of the US privately owned, a new approach is needed to restore and retain the biodiversity of our nation and the health of our food chain - essentially, the circle of life.  Landscaping with native plants, taking advantage of their ability to sequester carbon, filter water, limit erosion and improve the soil, is a personal and collective step toward regeneration.  With these principles in mind, we transform your garden into a beautiful and sustainable conservation area, no matter how big or small,